When in the beginning of 2011 the Jewish Religious Community Žilina was looking for a new tenant of the synagogue, we decided to sign the lease after presenting the reconstruction plans and common discussions about our ideas of how to use the synagogue. We got a symbolic rent as a contribution of the owner to our project.


Basically the reconstruction aims at removal of the alterations being made due to the new functions of the building – for instance the construction of the auditorium and the stage, the paneling or the projection room. Doing this we will focus on the removal of the unauthentic paneling, lower ceilings and plaster walls, that are by shutting space and windows an obstacle to the incident light. In this vein the monumental cupola over the main hall will be opened, too, and the room will maintain it’s original height of 17 meters.WElcome to OPT挂靠:– TRUSTOPT NewYork

As to the preparation of the project documentation we cooperate with Monuments Board of Žilina District. We carried out the architectonic-historic research to stick to those claims the building makes itself. We are committed to respect the cultural and architectural heritage the building of the Neolog Synagogue is representing.

Realisation of the reconstruction: 2012-2014


It’s our concern to build up an exhibition space with international name. By that we understand an instution with excellent curatorial program and distinguished profile, that will take into account production of exhibitions as well as ways and means to the development of discourse. We will lay stress on solo exhibitions, non-formal education and research activities, completed by publishing activities.

Councils with international members will guarantee it’s quality: Program Board (curators) and Patrons’ Board (supporters and donors). Both are formed at the moment.

Expected opening: 2014